A quirky egg-themed pop-up is opening in New York

New York-bound and fond of eggs? Be sure to add The Egg House to your Big Apple itinerary! This quirky pop-up is set to run in the Lower East Side from 7 April to 27 June. According to organisers, visitors can expect “an egg-themed pop-up, featuring immersive installations and offering multi-sensory experience. It’s created to share the universal love of eggs, and provide a momentary escape from the city.”

Here, you can “live momentarily in an imaginary place”. Image by Aria Chiu, The Egg House

The project is a group effort run by a team of artists, interior designers and marketers. Curiously, the main founder is something of an enigma but has spoken about The Egg House via a statement from the group. “The founder, who wishes to be anonymous at this point, is also the founder of a social media account with huge followings, and the owner of a millennial tea store opening soon in SoHo. The idea was conceived in October last year when she grew tired from juggling between life in New York and travel around the world.”

The Egg House allows visitors to explore a series of rooms. Image by Aria Chiu, The Egg House

“The Egg House was a way to solve my longtime pain point,” the statement continues. “To occasionally get away from the city comes with high costs, so we created a fantasy space that allows you to live momentarily in an imaginary place without spending months’ pay or traveling to the other side of the world.”

All elements of this unusual experience are egg-themed. Image by Aria Chiu, The Egg House

The peculiar egg-themed experience will be laid out like a house, with visitors invited to explore its rooms. “Seamlessly connected by a storyline, The Egg House features real life-sized rooms, including The Foyer, The Kitchen, The Hallway, The Pool and The Garden. Imagine an egg who lives a normal life as someone in the Lower East Side would, it falls asleep one afternoon and guests are invited to explore his house. To offer guests a multi-sensory experience that not only catches the eye, The Egg House incorporates sound, smell and other surprising elements into the 3300 square feet space.” Intrigued? So are we! See The Egg House’s Instagram for more.

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A quirky egg-themed pop-up is opening in New York
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