Every one of the 3,000 Greek islands is a travelling experience in itself. But if you want to briefly experience the charming Greek islands and at the same time enjoy the comfort and luxury of a cruise-ship, book a cabin on a cruise-ship to the islands. A travelling experience that will surely remain unforgettable!

video Cruises in Greece

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The new, luxurious, completely safe and state of the art technology Greek and foreign owned cruise-ships promise to make even the weekend memorable!


Travel agencies can provide you with all-inclusive programs that combine guided tours of the majority of the archaeological sites found on the Greek islands, purchases and strolls in traditional settlements, swimming in captivating beaches, sceneries and places that will remain with you forever.

Greece is an idyllic place for short or longer cruises, as it has many islands and ports which you can visit, as well as an ideal climate allowing for pleasant travelling conditions nearly all year round.

Moreover, a cruise on the Greek seas gives you the opportunity to visit important  archaeological sites, unique churches and monasteriesmonuments of more recent periods, extremely interesting museums and traditional settlements and villages as well as to enjoy the natural beauties in many of the country’s regions.

There are many Greek companies, as well as quite a few foreign agencies, that organize cruises on the Greek seas and to the islands.