Discover Greece

Discover EDEN in Greece!

Get ready to enjoy Greek nature in an environmentally-friendly way thanks to the EDEN network – European Destinations of Excellence – recognised by the European Commission.

What is EDEN ?

It is a European project that aims to foster sustainable tourism management and show Europe’s diversity: natural resources, historic heritage, traditional celebrations, local gastronomy… To this end, every year a series of destinations are carefully selected by means of national competitions. The destinations are selected because of their interesting tourist attractions that care for the environment and that mainly promote rural areas, protected areas and countryside activities.

This European quest for excellence in tourism is developed around an annual theme, chosen by the Commission together with the relevant national tourism bodies. This theme functions as a leitmotif: so far, rural tourism, intangible heritage, protected areas, aquatic tourism and regeneration of Physical sites have been the main EDEN themes.

Let’s discover the selected destinations in Greece!